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January Thompson was born in Los Angeles California. Her classically trained upbringing immersed her in piano and different composers both classical and contemporary, leading her to forge her own path in the composition of her own songs. 

Following on from her first album Careful What You The Tell The Sky ‘2009’, produced by Ramin Sakurai of Supreme Beings of Leisure released on Quango records, January started multiple collaborations with different producers. She began writing with UK based Charles Webster and they released the EP January Tuesday in 2012 on Miso Records. In 2013 she began writing and touring with London based Little People. Her self titled EP, January, produced by Laurent Clerc of Little People was released on her label, January Music in 2015. Afterwards she began writing and touring in Copenhagen with producers Steffen Aaskoven of Bliss and Thor Finland who produced her album Whelmed in 2017 also released on her label, January Music. Through these collaborations her distinct sound continued to develop.

After spending much of 2017 in hibernation January began writing her next album in 2018. This time with her bandmate and keyboardist Chris Kennedy leading her to experiment with an unconventional approach to an age-old instrument, created by placing felt or pegs on the hammers of the piano. January released her album Kintsugi in August of 2019 on her label, January Music. The record defines January's signature sound which was further developed by her continued musical partnership with producer Matt Robertson. Her rich and emotive vocals create warmth and sweetness while the vocal overdubs create an echoing providing layer upon layer of luxurious, uplifting, undeniably spiritual warmth via lyrics that intertwine metaphor and a longing for love. Each song is set to arpeggios played contemplatively and intimately. While producer Matt Robertson, who’s skills are as diverse as the artists he works with (musical director for Björk, The Cinematic Orchestra) cocoons her songs with analogue synths, sequencing and arranging them into perfection, creating something truly unique, sounding only like January.

January Thompson is of that special breed of performers who pursue their own artistic vision, no matter what fad or fashion dictates.

Today January continues to work as an accomplished composer and singer songwriter from her studio in Brighton England. 

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